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Masonry Skills

Park maintenance workers construct, maintain, and repair park structures constructed of adobe, stone, brick, tile, plaster, and concrete.

The Masonry Skills training program provides the park maintenance worker with the information and practical experience needed to perform masonry work in a variety of park applications.

Program content includes an introduction to materials and construction techniques used in concrete forming, placing, and finishing; laying brick, block, and stone; setting tile; and plastering.

Related topics are material estimating and worker safety.

Department Participants: Job-required training for Park Maintenance Worker IIs who have completed the Carpentry Skills Program.
Job-related training for Park Maintenance Supervisors, Restoration Work Specialists, and Park Maintenance Worker Is who have completed the Carpentry Skills Program.
Non-Department Participants: Skilled Maintenance personnel responsible for maintaining masonry structures and who have experience and education in carpentry. Cost: $800 for California Resident, $900 for Out-of-State Resident. (Cost includes registration, meals and lodging.)
Program Length: 36 hours