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Museum Collections

Museum housekeeping staff provide direct care for museum objects in field units throughout State Parks. This course is a technician training program designed for primary caretakers of the Department's museum collections.

Topics covered include: an introduction to the museum environment; materials and equipment used in the preservation of museum collections; basic artifact care and handling; development of housekeeping schedules; integrated pest management; object security; and the packing and storage of museum objects. Sessions on the proper preservation techniques used for a variety of museum objects such as historic furnishings, paintings, photographs and clothing will also be covered.

Department Participants: Job-related training for museum collections primary caretakers (Museum Technician, Museum Curator I, State Park Interpreter Assistant, Custodian of Historical Monument, Park Maintenance Assistant, Park Maintenance Worker I-II).
Non-Department Participants: Similar to those described above. Cost: $800 for California Resident, $900 for Out-of-State Resident. (Cost includes registration, meals and lodging.)
Program Length: 36 hours