Town of Shasta Interpretive Association

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The association helps preserve and interpret the history of Shasta, "Queen City of the North." For the past 50 years the Town of Shasta Interpretive Association has worked closely with Shasta State Historic Park to help fund interpretive and other special events at the park.

The Town of Shasta Interpretive Association sells books and other gift shop items at Shasta State Historic Park and collects membership dues in order to fund park events and volunteer programs.

Recent notable accomplishments of the association include holding a fundraising drawing. "Dinner in the Jail for You and Your Thirteen Lucky Friends" is an annual event where the lucky winner has an evening dining in the Courthouse Museum Jail, which dates back to the 1860s. The association also helps fund interpretive programs and special events such as "Full Moon Cemetery Tours" and "Shasta Starlight Theater."

The association regularly provides period clothing, recognition and training materials to support the parks volunteer program. The Town of Shasta Interpretive Association has proven itself to be a valuable ally to the parks, visitors and staff at Shasta State Historic Park. Join them by becoming a member!

Town of Shasta Interpretive Association
Shasta State Historic Park
PO Box 268
Shasta, CA 96087
TEL 530-243-8194

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