Lake Concerns

Lake Perris Is Still 80% Full!

A new brochure has been published about the future of the activities available at Lake Perris and is now available in PDF format!

More information regarding the DWR plan for the Perris Dam Project can be found at their website.  Remember that they can not answer any questions regarding fees and such for the lake.

Moreno Beach

Bernasconi by the dam

This is the southern end of Lake Perris by the dam.  You can see Bernasconi campground there to the right, but you can also see how deep the water still is here at the lake.  You can see that the impact this drawdown has had on the lake and on the activities here at Lake Perris have been minimal.

As you can see, with all this water and all this room, Lake Perris is still very much open for business!  Swimming, sailing, kayaking, fishing, boating and personal watercraft use is still happening like normal here at the lake.  As summer draws near we are sure that visitors will enjoy the expanded beaches.  Lake Perris can be a great place to escape the bustle of the city and return to the natural beauty of southern California  to unwind and relax.