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Marsh Creek State Park

On January 27, 2012 the California State Park and Recreation Commission approved the General Plan and named the new park Marsh Creek State Park (formerly known as Cowell Ranch/John Marsh State Historic Park).

The General Plan/Program EIR and Final EIR Response to Comments are divided into sections and individual maps for downloading. All files are in PDF format.

Final General Plan and EIR:
Marsh Creek State Park General Plan and Program EIR
Marsh Creek State Park Final EIR Response to Comments:
   Cover through Comments from Agencies and Responses (Comment Letters 1-7)
   Comments from Organizations and Responses (Comment Letters 8-13)
   Comments from Individuals and Responses (Comment Letters 14-62)
   Chapter 4 (Recommended Changes)

Final General Plan Maps:
Map 1 - Regional Location
Map 2 - Park Location
Map 3 - Existing Land Use
Map 4 - Elevations
Map 5 - Slope
Map 6 - Geology
Map 7 - Soils
Map 8 - Farmland Classification
Map 9 - Watersheds
Map 10 - Biological Resources
Map 11 - Regional Open Space and Trails
Map 12 - Management Zones
Map 13 - Management Zones - Primary Historic Zone
Map 14 - Alternative C (Preferred Alternative)
Map 15 - Primary Historic Zone - Alternative C
Map 16 - Alternative B
Map 17 - Primary Historic Zone - Alternative B