Latest Poppy Reserve Research Field Notes and Observations

4/17/14: Mary Wilson

There are carpets of poppies and areas of purple, which are filaree and yellow, which are fiddleneck. The poppies that germinated in the November rain are full sized plants and have buds with calyx, open flowers and seedpods. The poppies that germinated in the February rain are still in the rosette pattern but they are producing the first flower buds with the calyx.

Poppy Trail North Loop:
 Poppies, filaree, fiddleneck, slender keel fruit, forget-me-nots, silver puffs, Mojave sun cups, goldfields, rattlesnake weed, and tumble mustard. There will soon be cream cups in bloom.

Poppy Trail South Loop:
 Poppies, filaree, fiddleneck, slender keel fruit, silver puffs, goldfields, lupine, forget-me-not, blue Dick, rattlesnake weed, tumble mustard, locoweed, coreopsis and cheat and brome grasses. There is a wild cucumber area that is approximately 4 feet by 5 to 6 feet in diameter and has not produced flowers as yet. I observed poppies that were two toned with the yellow at the tips of the petals and orange toward the center. Also found yellow poppies.

Tehachapi Vista Point Trail:
 Poppies, filaree, fiddleneck, slender keel fruit, silver puffs, goldfields, lupine, forget-me-not, wishbone plant, blue Dick, rattlesnake week, tumble and black mustard, tumbleweed, locoweed and cheat an brome grass. At the Van Every bench take a deep breath and smell the grape soda lupine. They are starting to bloom. At the Godde Hill Vista Point there are still forget-me-nots and poppies. This area has a nice view of the valley that shows areas of poppies and goldfields.

� The February rains germinated cheat and red brome grasses and tumbleweeds.
� Harvester ants are busy
� Ravens and horned larks
� White and painted lady butterflies, Hoover flies
� Sphinx Moth feeding on fiddleneck

Wildflower Sightings
� Junction of Munz Ranch Road and Elizabeth Lake Road and across from the lake.
� Tumble mustard, filaree, Fremont pincushion, slender keel-fruit, tidy tips, comet blazing star,
silver puffs, California primrose, Mojave sun cups, goldfields, Lacy Phacelia, coreopsis, lupine
and chia. Nice view of poppies on the hillsides along with patches of coreopsis. Can
also the remnants from the Power House fire did. Lost a lot of trees around the lake.
� Ft. Tejon State Historic Park�off the 5 Freeway at Lebec
� There are very few flowers but when you enter the park you cross over a bridge and the creek
has water running�when was the last time you heard that wonderful sound?
� Valley Oak (some over 300 years old), pineapple weed, filaree, regular dandelions, mint,
miner�s lettuce.
� There is an interpretive trail around the historic grounds that is easily accessible and you can
tour the military buildings.
� This is a wonderful place to take a picnic meal and eat under great oak trees.
� Highway 138 (Avenue D) and:
o 110th St. West still has a is a nice showing of fields of poppies on the both sides of the road.
There are also patches of goldfields. There are poppies and goldfields now all the way to
Avenue K.