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Mansion Exterior Painting Project

Scaffolding for the Deferred Maintenance painting project at Governor's Mansion State Historic Park.

Historic Governor’s Mansion Deferred Maintenance Project

Administered by the Capital District of State Parks, California's executive mansion, popularly known as the Governor's Mansion, was built in 1877 for Albert and Clemenza Gallatin. Albert Gallatin was a partner in the Sacramento hardware store of Huntington & Hopkins and hired Uriah Reese to build the house. The architect was Nathaniel Goodell. In 1887, the Gallatins sold the house to local businessman Joseph Steffens and his wife Louisa who were the parents of the famous journalist and author, Lincoln Steffens.

The State of California purchased the house from Steffens in 1903 for $32,500. Governor George Pardee and his family were the first residents of the Governor's Mansion.

Our 2007 Deferred Maintenance project focused on painting of the exterior of the Victorian and the Carriage House.  For information on the Governor's Mansion call  (916) 323-3047.   Read  News Release.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What was involved in the Governor’s Mansion project?

The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park embarked on a major facility rehabilitation. Including a complete painting of the exterior of the Mansion and Carriage House. The basement was rehabilitated with an ADA approved restrooms, a kitchen to use for small events, upgraded phone system, computer, and electrical wiring. The entire building also got a new fire detection system and a new heating and air-conditioning system.

The exterior rehabilitation of the Historic Governor's Mansion involved painting the entire mansion and carriage house.

How much will did the project cost and how is it funded?

Approximately $1.2 million came from California State Parks’ Deferred Maintenance Fund. DMF monies were added to the 2006/07 State Parks budget by the Governor and Legislature to assist in mitigating over $1 billion in State Parks maintenance projects backlog. In addition to state funds, the Governor’s Mansion SHP’s non-profit partner, the Sacramento Historic Sites Association, raised money for the third floor project contributing $90,000! 

What color are you painting the outside of the Mansion?

Based on a scientific paint analysis performed by a conservator, the Governor’s Mansion SHP was repainted to the time period when the house served as the residence for many of California’s Governors from 1903 to 1967. The color scheme during this entire period was a white house, and for much of the time it had black window sashes. This was a slight variation from the all white exterior of the past.    View all Frequently Asked Questions

Mansion Tower Damage Photographs

Mansion Tower Damage

Mansion Tower Damage closeup of corner

The Carriage House is an important part of the Governor’s Mansion history. Over the years little attention has been given to the structure. Sheet metal seams in the gutters, flashing and window hood covers have separated and nails have come loose. Water has found its way beneath the loose and metal. Together with time and weather paint has peeled, wood has split and dry rot has occurred. The glazing sealing the window glass in their frames is brittle and hadcracked or dropped out. Water and dust seeped into the building causing yet more problems. This neglect combined with time and changing weather took ts toll on this lovely structure. It was over due for its grand facelift.

Damage to facade of buildingDamage to window casing

Cornice damage on buildingsDamaged support pillar

Damage to the Carriage House of the Mansion