Governor's Mansion Teacher's Guide

Cover of Teacher's Guide for the Governor's MansionWelcome to the Governor’s Mansion.  Built in 1877 as a private residence, this impressive house was home to two families before it became the Governor’s Mansion for the State of California in 1903.  It is preserved by California State Parks as the historical backdrop for the stories of the thirteen California governors and their families who lived here.

Today this special house museum attracts visitors from around the world.  The mansion is a treasure—a rich learning environment for those who are studying California’s exciting and colorful history.  The mansion’s architectural features, designs and furnishings reflect how people and styles changed over time.  It is a reminder of the past and an authentic legacy for the future.

The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park Teacher’s Guide consists of a series of lessons that will assist in stimulating student interest in the Governor’s Mansion.  Each self-contained lesson provides a pre-tour and a post-tour activity that will spark learning and enthusiasm.  Some lessons include student worksheets, handouts and other material.  Also included in the guide are architectural drawings and photographs of the mansion, the people who lived there, and their guests.  All contents in the guide may be reproduced for classroom use.  Teachers are encouraged to adapt the lessons and activities to their classroom objectives.  The lessons meet California State Education Content Standards for History-Social Science, English-Language Arts, and Visual Arts (specific content standards met by each lesson or activity in the guide are listed in Appendix D).