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Nature Education Facilities Program


The Office of Grants and Local Services awarded 44 grants totaling $93 million.  This was a one-cycle grant program and there are no additional rounds. 

More than 300 applications were received requesting almost $1 billion for the available $93 million.  A tiered funding schedule enabled funding of a broad variety of sizes and types of projects and allowed applicants to compete against other projects requesting a similar amount. Grants were awarded in all tiers and range from $32,000 to $7 million.  Although the actual numbers of applications received in each tier impacted the overall distribution of funds, the outstanding quality of the projects awarded in each tier is consistent with the program's intent.

List of Awarded Projects 

Project Descriptions 

Completed Projects (web page under construction): 

Los Angeles County Natural History Museum
   North Campus Learning Gardens and Nature Lab     $7,000,000

Constructed a series of outdoor interpretive gardens and facilities encompassing 150,000 square feet outside the Museum's main entrance, including a 500 seat outdoor amphitheater and step garden, urban edge, home and pollinator gardens, a "Get Dirty" zone, nature laboratory, bridge, pond and stream.
"Get Dirty" zone    

Application Due Date was 7/1/10
Applications had to be post-marked or delivered by this date. 

Nature Education Facilities Program Application Guide - (3/1/10) (PDF)

Nature Education Facilities Program Application Guide - (3/1/10) (DOC)

Frequently Asked Questions - (5/20/10)

Electronic Forms
The following forms required for the application packet can be completed and printed by clicking on each link below:

Application Form

Authorizing Resolution Form  

Funding Sources Form

Grant Cost Estimate Form

Grant Cost Estimate Form (DOC)

CEQA Compliance Certification Form

Land Tenure Form

Grant Administration Guide for Proposition 84 Grants - 3/26/12  (PDF / DOC)

Proposition 84 Sign Guidelines

Bond Sign Logo PDF / AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) / EPS (Encapusulated PostScript)

 To use either the AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) file or the EPS (Encapsulate PostScript) file, save the linked zip file.

Program Information:
The NEF will fund projects for development of nature education facilities, buildings, structures and exhibit galleries that present collections to inspire and educate the public and for marine wildlife conservation research equipment and facilities. 

Funding for this $93 million grant program was made available through the Parks and Nature Education Facilities chapter in Proposition 84, Public Resources Code Division 43, Chap. 8, ยง75063 (b). 

The funds were appropriated in the 2009/10 Budget Act and made available for the program as of 07/01/09. 

Eligible applicants:
Public institutions including cities, counties, districts (as defined), California State Agencies and Non-profit organizations qualified to do business in California, and qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Joint powers authorities will also be considered an eligible applicant if at least one of the members qualifies as an eligible applicant, and subject to review and approval of the underlying joint powers authority agreement. 

Eligible institutions include those that:
  Combine the study of natural science with preservation, demonstration and education programs that serve diverse populations

  Institutions that provide collections and programs related to the relationship of Native American cultures to the environment, and

  Institutions for marine wildlife conservation research.

Eligible projects:
Eligible projects include nature education facilities, buildings, structures and exhibit galleries that present collections to inspire and educate the public and marine wildlife conservation research equipment and facilities.

Nature Education Facilities Program - Bond Accountability