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Folsom Lake SP Junior Lifeguards

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The California State Park Junior Lifeguard program is designed for kids ages 9-15.  The program has an emphasis on lake oriented sports and activities including safety procedures, equipment and boat safety and competitions.  There is also a introduction to swift water rapids as well as ocean training and traditional lifeguard workouts in swimming and running.   

 The program runs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

As of 05/08/2014, both sessions will be held at Beal's Point.  If the water drops significantly during one of the sessions, we will advise the parents of a change of venue.  This would most likely be Negro Bar.

 There are two sessions each summer at Folsom Lake.

Session I   - June 9th thru July 3rd
Session II - July 14th thru August 8th
Open enrollment into the program will begin on March 1st at 9:00am

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An emphasis on lake safety and proper water etiquette will be stressed and through daily workouts and free time JG’s will increase their water safety skills and become more comfortable and confident in the water environment. All of these activities are supervised by State Parks seasonal  lifeguards with many years of open water experience and advanced training in First Aid and CPR. Many of our instructors also hold EMT certificates.

Tryout Requirements:

All Junior Lifeguard tryouts will consist of a run-swim-run scenario very similar to the  tryout requirement for all CA State Park Lifeguard tryouts. The length of the runs and the swim will vary by age group but will be no less that a 100 meter run, 100 meter swim and to finish with a 100 meter run. There will not be a time cap and instead the tryout will be based off of physical fatigue and training endurance. Participants will also be asked to tread water for over three minutes and complete a short 10 yard under water swim.  *Participants must have a confident head-down, freestyle stroke to pass the swim portion of the tryout.**

    • No less than a 100 yard, head-down freestyle swim (this varies by age group)
    • Tread water for 3 minutes
    • Swim underwater for 10 yards

Be sure to bring a swim suit, swim cap and goggles.

The following dates have been scheduled:

When: Session 1 - May 31, 2014 or June 8, 2014 
             Only one tryout is required.  ***The June 7th tryout has been moved to June 8th due to a number of conflicts with swim teams.

            Session 2 - July 12, 2014

Where: Beals Point State Recreation Area

  9:00am - All incoming Junior Guards
           11:00 am - Assistants

Why:  The purpose of this tryout is to test participants swimming skills and transition states in the open water environment. This is a non competitive tryout and only used as a tool to evaluate participants athletic ability. Participants will be in highly guarded water with Lifeguards right on hand, following them through the tryout.

***All returning and new JG participants must tryout***
***You must register your child online before attending tryouts!***

Call (916) 988-0205 x 247 for more information

Program Fees:

  • $450.00 per child/session.
  • $400.00 each additional child in family.

Please contact the coordinator about financial aid discounts to receive a financial aid packet. All financial aid is given out on a first come first serve basis and is based on the Federal School Lunch guidelines.

A Typical Fun Day!

Your day begins in your squads at 9am with a warm up led by our Instructors and Youth Aids. Warm up includes stretching, sit ups and push-ups to build core strength followed by a daily vitamin or workout consisting of varied running and swimming distances. When you have completed the daily workout, you will return to the JG area and prepare for the LESSON AND ACTIVITY of the day.

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Lesson topics include beach and lake safety, first aid and CPR, the conservation of the environment and proper use of lifeguard equipment and emergency procedures. When the lesson ends JG’s are given a period of free time for lunch and activities. During this time they can use the equipment to paddle board, kayak, swim, dive the buoy line, use Instructors life tubes, and play on the beach. Equipment includes paddle boards, flags, balls, cones, Assistant Instructors tubes, kayaks and paddles. All of this is provided by the State Parks of California and kept in the Folsom Lake Junior Guard arena under close supervision by the guards.

In the afternoon, there will be another small workout in the form of a competition, activity or exploration of Folsom Lake State Park.

Activities include water polo, soccer, capture the flag, ninja, dodge ball as well as different beach competition games such as flags and relays to help prepare the Junior Guards for the upcoming Santa Cruz competitions.

At the end of the day JG’s will pack up their stuff and preform a beach clean-up as needed. A quick review of the day’s lesson topic will be performed to finish off a typical Junior Guard day. Students will be released at 3:00 pm sharp for parent pick up.