Silver Strand Junior Lifeguards

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Silver Strand State Beach, San Diego CA

Junior Lifeguard Mission

The mission of the California State Parks Junior Lifeguard Program is to provide quality water safety education while creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation to the youth of California.

The Junior Lifeguard Program emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and safety while introducing young people to safe marine and aquatic recreation opportunities. The program is designed to improve young people’s physical conditioning, their understanding and respect for the environment, and their respect for themselves, their parents, and their peers.

The mission is accomplished by activities such as instruction and practice in open water swimming, paddle boarding, body surfing, body boarding, surfing, kayaking and self-rescue. Respect for the environment is increased by the understanding gained by daily physical contact with the environment and through lecture and discussion of pertinent marine and aquatic topics. Increased respect for themselves is gained through their personal progress and accomplishments.

Respect for others is increased by constant contact with compassionate instructors and by working with other youths in a team building environment.

LEARN ALL ABOUT THE OCEAN AND HOW TO PROTECT OUR NATURAL RESOURCES:  Waves, Tides, Currents, Rip Currents, Marine Life, Protected Birds, Ecology and Much More!

BE TRAINED IN (not certified): Ocean rescue, First Aid, CPR

ENJOY: Surfing, Swimming, Bodysurfing, Games, Kayaking, Competitions, Exercise and FUN!








* Silver Strand State Beach on the bayside. We will have a marked Junior Guard area next to Tower 9. 

* You will need to park in one of the parking lots on the ocean side and walk through a pedestrian tunnel to the bayside. The closest parking is the north end of Parking Lot #3. Once you get through the tunnel to the bayside, head north past Crown Cove Aquatic Center to the guarded area of the bay.



*Successful completion of all three components of the swim test are required to be enrolled in the program.

  1. 100 Yard Swim

    Swim must be completed under the given time:

    *2:45 min (9-11 yrs)

    *2:25 min (12-13 yrs)

    *2:05 min (14-16 yrs)

  2. Tread water for 3 minutes

  3. Swim 10 yards under water






* CA State Parks has a program that is used for enrollment in any activity in the State, including Jr. Lifeguard programs. The name of this program is known as Reserve California.

* Please go to the Enrollment tab on the right side to find specific information on the registration process.