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Colusa-Sacramento River SRA General Plan

FINAL General Plan / Environmental Impact Report

Sacramento River view

The Colusa-Sacramento River SRA General Plan was adopted by the California State Park and Recreation Commission on April 29, 2016.

For the reader's convenience, the General Plan has been separated into four sections due to file size. Click on the link below for the section you wish to review.





Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area General Plan

New content! CEQA Notice of Determination was filed on May 3, 2016.




The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) lists all the comments received during the Draft EIR public comment period and provides responses to each comment.


The California State Park and Recreation Commission will meet on April 29, 2016, beginning at 9 AM. The meeting will be held at Granzella’s Banquet Hall, 457 7th Street, Williams, CA 95987.

Agenda items will include consideration and possible action on the following department recommendations related to Colusa-Sacramento River SRA: approval of the General Plan/Environmental Impact Report. Scroll down for plan documents.

The agenda will be posted at least 10 days before the meeting at:


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Download the Preliminary General Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Report:

Executive Summary (1 MB)

Preliminary General Plan/Draft EIR (18 MB)

Appendices (13 MB)

Map exhibits (18 MB)

Copies of the Preliminary General Plan/Draft EIR may be reviewed at the following locations during normal business hours:

California Department of Parks & Recreation
One Capitol Mall, Suite 410, Sacramento, CA 95814

Colusa County Public Library
738 Market Street, Colusa, CA 95932

Williams Branch Public Library
901 East Street, Williams, CA 95987

Colusa City Hall
425 Webster Street
Colusa, CA 95932


Colusa – Sacramento River State Recreation Area is located along the northern edge of downtown Colusa on the west bank of the Sacramento River in Colusa County. The park offers overnight camping and day use facilities, including picnic sites, restrooms, and a launch ramp for small boats. River access and river oriented activities, such as fishing and boating, are a major draw. This area was home to the River Patwin Indian Tribe. The City of Colusa developed recreational facilities on an old city dump next to the river, and then transferred the first 9.5 acres to California State Parks in 1955. Over time, easterly migration of the river channel and additional land acquisitions increased the size of the park to approximately 350 acres currently. About half of the park is currently undergoing habitat restoration. The camping and day use facilities are now being managed by the City of Colusa through a 5-year operating agreement. More information about the park is available here: .

Colusa River boating toward Sutter Buttes

Why a General Plan is important

Decisions about how to best protect the park for future generations while providing high quality recreation are a big responsibility. The General Plan process first involves the public, scientists, technical experts and land managers in documenting and understanding the park’s important natural and cultural resources, existing uses and visitor needs. Then, plans are developed with various resource preservation and land use strategies that will best serve the public in the long term. Once a preferred plan is selected, an analysis of the potentially significant environmental impacts of plan implementation is conducted as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Finally, the preferred plan is presented to the State Park and Recreation Commission for review and adoption.

How to get involved in the planning process

The General Plan process, which considers public input and statewide goals and policies in developing proposed actions, will include three public meetings.  These meetings will allow the general public to express thoughts and opinions related to the future of the park. If you would like to be kept updated on Colusa-Sacramento River SRA General Plan public workshops and plan development, please submit your name and email address to Email addresses will be kept confidential and only used in connection with CSRSRA General Plan issues.

Colusa River upstream from city park

Public Input

The Public Input Process

x  Meeting #1 (February 28, 2013)
  • Provide project overview. Review resource inventory. Collect information.
  • Listen to your issues and concerns as part of the General Plan/CEQA scoping process.
x  Meeting #2 (June 19, 2014) 
  • Present planning options and preferred alternative. 
  • Listen to your concerns as part of the CEQA public review process.
box image  Meeting #3 (Spring 2016)
  • State Park and Recreation Commission considers approving the General Plan.

Three alternatives were presented which incorporated comments and ideas received during previous outreach efforts with interested stakeholders and the public.

Meeting # 2 June 19, 2014 Agenda

Meeting #2 Documents:
Alternative 1: Minor Recreation / Habitat Focus
Alternative 2: Moderate Recreation Use
Alternative 3: High Recreation Use (draft Preferred Alternative)
Concept Study for High Recreation Use Alternative (Parkwide)
Concept Study for High Recreation Use Alternative (Core Area)
Location Map
Regional Land Use Map
Park Circulation, Land Use and Facilities map
Core Area Facilities Map
Hydrology Map
Wetland Resources Map
Habitat and Wildlife Map
Site Analysis – Parkwide
Site Analysis – Core Area

Meeting #2 Public Comment Summary

The first public meeting for the Park’s General Plan was held on:
February 28, 2013 6 to 8 PM at the Boy Scout Cabin, 901 Parkhill Street, Colusa, California.

Meeting # 1 Agenda

Special feature: Bring your recreation photos (prints, slides or digital) to the meeting. We are especially looking for historical images of boating, water skiing, fishing and hunting in Glenn, Sutter, Colusa and Butte counties. We will scan and save these for our education programs. You may take your prints and slides home with you, knowing that you’ve contributed to recreation history!

Meeting #1 Documents: 
Location Map
Regional Land Use Map
Park Circulation, Land Use and Facilities map
Core Area Map
Hydrology and Water Resources Map
Habitat and Wildlife
Site Analysis – Parkwide
Site Analysis – Core Area

Public Comment Summary

California Environmental Quality Act

The General Plan is subject to environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared concurrently with the General Plan. A Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR will be filed with the State Clearinghouse. Copies of the NOP and NOA are provided below when available.

Notice of Preparation (NOP)
Notice of Availability (NOA) 
Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) including Response to Comments

City of Colusa Boat Ramp project

The City of Colusa is moving forward with plans for construction of a new boat ramp at Levee Scenic Park adjacent to the State Park. The General Plan team is working closely with City staff to coordinate our efforts, including the placement of new restrooms and boat trailer parking in the State Park, and possible relocation of the camping sites. If you have questions on the boat ramp project, contact Colusa City Planner Bryan Stice at (530) 458-4740 or email