Asilomar State Beach

This park unit is partially open. Please take the time to read the information contained on this webpage to find out what is open and closed, and what COVID-19 guidelines are in place. - (September 29, 2021)

What is open now?

  • Asilomar Conference Grounds is open for overnight stays:
  • The state beach is open, and on-street parking is available to vehicles.
  • The state beach is open to dogs on leash.
  • Walking trails on the conference grounds and beach are open.

What is currently closed?

  • Bonfires and alcohol are illegal at Asilomar State Beach.
  • There is no campground at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds.

Phone Number

(831) 646-6440

Park Hours

Asilomar State Park Office: M-F: 9:00-5:00

Dogs Allowed?

Dogs allowed on beach, trails, and conference grounds. Dogs not allowed in conference ground buildings.

Driving Directions to Asilomar SB

Asilomar State Beach is adjacent to Sunset Drive in Pacific Grove.
Asilomar Conference Grounds is at 800 Asilomar Avenue in Pacific Grove.
Directions to the Asilomar Conference Grounds: From the North (Santa Cruz):
Take State Highway 1 south towards Monterey.  Exit at Highway 68 West to Pacific Grove.  Follow to Sinex Avenue (approximately 2.4 miles).  Turn left on Sinex Avenue and continue to the Asilomar Conference Grounds entrance (corner of Sinex and Asilomar Avenues approximately 0.8 miles).
Directions to Asilomar State Beach: From the North (Santa Cruz):
Take State Highway 1 south towards Monterey. Exit at Highway 68 West to Pacific Grove. Turn left on Sunset Drive in Pacific Grove. Follow Sunset Drive to Asilomar State Beach.
Directions to the Asilomar Conference Grounds: From the East (Salinas/Highway 101):
Take Highway 68 West from Salinas. Turn south on Highway 1 (aproximately 15 miles). From Highway 1 take 68 West into Pacific Grove and proceed as above.
Directions to the Asilomar Conference Grounds: From the East (Salinas/Highway 101):
Take Highway 68 West from Salinas. Turn south on Highway 1 (approximately 15 miles). From Highway 1 take Highway 68 West into Pacific Grove and proceed as above.

Asilomar State Beach does not have camping facilities as it is a day-use only beach. The Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds facility has several lodges with rooms available for overnight stays. Please select the Online Reservations button for more information.

Upcoming Park Events

No events scheduled at this moment.

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Welcome to Asilomar State Beach & Conference Grounds!

A California State Park since 1956, Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds State Park provides visitors numerous opportunities for a variety of scenic walks along Asilomar State Beach, the Asilomar Coast Trail, and through the Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve, as well as the opportunity to stay on-site with a variety of overnight room lodging, dining and conference meeting room facilities available (click on "Reservations" button at top of page).  

State Parks staff takes the lead in protecting and educating visitors about Asilomar's historic buildings, as well as the forest, dunes and beach habitats, providing information and oversight in monitoring the delicate balance between preservation and public access. Our concessionaire, Aramark, operates Asilomar's hotel, conference and special events reservations, as well as Asilomar's gift shop, Crocker Dining Hall and Phoebe's Cafe. For more information on current services and hours of operations for these facitilities, please visit

Social Hall



History of Asilomar

"Asilomar so Lovely, Down by the Edge of the Sea, Where the Pine Trees Tall and Stately,
 And the Sand Dunes call to Me."
                                                                                        ---Asilomar Camp Song

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Social HallPhoebe Apperson Hearst Social Hall, designed by Julia Morgan for the YWCA in 1913.  Copyright, CA State Parks

Asilomar's Begginings...
Located on the Monterey Peninsula in the city of Pacific Grove, Asilomar had its start in 1913 as a young womens' summer camp and conference facility- an outgrowth of the inspired vision of the resourceful, socially-concerned and committed women of the YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association). The historic buildings which are still an integral part of the Asilomar grounds, were designed and built by renowned California architect Julia Morgan between 1913 and 1928.

   Asilomar YWCA camp 1916. CA State Parks







Asilomar Campers, c. 1916. Copyright CA State Parks


Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve

About the Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve 

Across the street from Asilomar State Beach is Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve, where a landmark stile stands at the gateway to this preserve and the Asilomar Conference Grounds. A ¼ mile boardwalk meanders through 25 acres of restored sand dune ecosystem where visitors can discover the native plant greenhouse where more than 450,000 plants, representing 25 species, have been grown and planted in the effort to preserve the dunes and coastal bluffs. Several boardwalk outlooks provide panoramic views of Asilomar State Beach and the blue Pacific Ocean.


Asilomar State Beach

Asilomar Main BeachAsilomar State Beach is a narrow, one-mile strip of sandy beach and rocky coves. A ¾ mile coast walking trail - the Asilomar Coast Trail - is open to pedestrians. Dogs ARE permitted on the state beach and the coast trail, but must be leashed at all times and be in the immediate control of the handler. View the "In the Know" section below for more information on California State Parks' policy regarding pets at the park.

The coast trail is accessible and a beach wheelchair and beach walker are available upon request at the Registration Desk inside the Phoebe hearst Social Hall. Vehicle parking as well as a bicycle lane is adjacent to the beach and coast trail along Sunset Drive. Asilomar State Beach is within the boundary of the Asilomar Marine Reserve, is a Marine Protected Area. All marine resources, animals and features (including shells and rocks) are protected. No collecting or fishing is allowed - your help is needed to maintain this coastal area as a healthy habitat for future visitors to enjoy! Please Note: There are no restrooms or picnicking facilities on the State Beach. Restrooms open to the public are located at the Phoebe Hearst Social Hall inside the Conference Grounds.


Asilomar Coast Trail - A Mile of Precious Coastal Access Worth Preserving!

Coast Trail- HedlundAsilomar Coast Trail Restoration Project

In November, 2018, California State Parks at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds began a Coast Trail Restoration Project along the Asilomar Rocky Shore, adjacent to Sunset Drive. The project was undertaken to ensure public access along this beautiful stretch of coast, while minimizing impact on the rich natural and cultural resources of the region. The existing Asilomar Coast Trail and current rehabilitation project are part of the long-term dune restoration effort initiated by California State Parks in the mid-1980s.In recent years several sections of the trail have been damaged by coastal erosion. Erosion is expected to accelerate in the coming years due to sea level rise caused by climate change. California State Parks is employing a managed retreat strategy at Asilomar State Beach, moving trails and structures away from the intertidal zone rather than utilizing engineered “armoring” along the coast. This project will realign affected sections of trail inland on raised boardwalks. The abandoned trail sections will be planted with native vegetation.

The project will impact approximately 0.5 miles of the current Asilomar Coast Trail. The project will result in:

  • Construction of 1,127 linear feet of new, raised boardwalk within new, re-routed trail alignments
  • Construction of 165 linear feet of new decomposed granite trail that is part of the new alignment and will connect to the new, raised boardwalk trail
  • Removal of, and in-kind replacement of 100 linear feet of existing boardwalk trail
  • Installation of two drainage crossings
  • Restoration of 1,220 linear feet of decommissioned trail.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Asilomar Coast Trail Restoration Project has been reviewed for CEQA compliance and has a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission. The project began in November, 2018, and will be constructed by “in-house” California State Parks staff. The projected timeframe for completion is dependent on weather conditions, staff availability, and funding.

For more information about the Asilomar Coast Trail Restoration Project visit the Asilomar Coast Trail Information Section located on the right hand Related Pages at the top.


Monterey Bay National Sanctuary

About the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Asilomar State Beach overlooks the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a federal Marine Protected Area which spans 276 miles along the California coast from Marin to Cambria, encompassing more than 6,000 square statute miles. Managed by the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA), Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is part of a network of underwater parks, comprised of 14 national marine sanctuaries and two marine national monuments. The sanctuary was established in 1992 for the purpose of resource protection, research, education, and responsible public use, including fishing, diving, kayaking, boating, and surfing. Human activities that could harm the santuary's health, such as oil drilling, ocean dumping, or seabed mining, are not allowed.


Tide Pooling at Asilomar State Beach

When you visit beautiful Asilomar State Beach, one of the most popular things to do is to visit the mile-long stretch of Rocky Shore Tide Pools habitat.

There are some things to know about this area: As a Marine Protected Area, the Asilomar Tide Pools are par of a "no-take" zone, which means no gathering or collecting of anykind.

This quick video link made by CA State Parks is a fun way to learn more:Protect California's Tide Pools and Marine Protected Areas