Santa Susana Pass SHP

State Historic Park

This historic park, located in Los Angeles County where the Simi Hills meet the Santa Susana Mountains, is rich in natural, historical and cultural significance. Here in the western part of the Transverse Ranges, the land is dominated by high, narrow ridges and deep canyons covered with an abundant variety of plant life. The park offers panoramic views of the rugged natural landscape as a striking contrast to the developed communities nearby.

The best access to the park is from the 10200 block of Larwin Avenue.  Take the 118 Freeway to the Topanga Canyon Boulevard exit. Proceed south on Topanga Boulevard approximately one mile. Turn right (west) on Devonshire, proceed half a mile, and turn left on Larwin Avenue which is the last street before Devonshire ends.  The park entrance is on the right under the power lines.  Parking is along the residential street.

Hiking Tips
Until trails are established and marked by California State Parks, please help us preserve the unique natural and cultural features of Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park and observe the following:

Hike only on safe pathways. Veering onto untrodden areas destroys the natural environment and increases your chances of coming into contact with poison oak, rattlesnakes and ticks.

Everything, from the barest twig to the rustiest horseshoe, is now a part of this California State Park. If you see anything suspicious, including the removal or disturbance of our precious resources, please report it immediately.

Know your physical limits. Summer temperatures can reach 100 degrees and the terrain is rugged. Always carry plenty of water.

Don't hike alone. Use the "buddy" system. Tell a friend or family member of your plans. Let them know when you plan to return.

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  • Hours of Operation:

    Daily 8:00am to Sunset

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    (818) 784-4849

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    Los Angeles County


    Los Angeles

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Operating Hours

8:00am to Sunset

For your safety and that of the park community, please observe these access hours.