Statewide Museum Collections Center

California Statewide Museum Collections Center is the repository of over 1 million historic artifacts.

The California Statewide Museum Collections Center (SMCC) is the Department of Parks and Recreation's new storage building, that will serve as the repository of over 1 million historic objects and artifacts.The facility provides over 160,000 square feet of storage with cooling and humidification controls to assure long term preservation of the historic collections. The enhanced climate and humidity control, assures greater preservation capacity for the many artifacts recovered from archaeological excavations in the State Parks System. The Collections Center is a state of the art LEED Silver certified facility designed to support the implementation of a high quality environmentally responsive and sustainable preservation program. The thermal mass of concrete military warehouses provides the infrastructure for a self-regulating passive environmental system that reduces energy consumption while extending the life of State Parks cultural collections.

The Collections Center is rail served and was used by the McClellan Air Force  for material and supply storage purposes, The building was constructed to a very high standard with eight inch thick concrete walls and a four inch thick concrete ceiling, providing superior insulation capacity and significant energy savings.

California Statewide Museum Collections Center
4940 Lang Avenue
McClellan, CA 95652
Phone: 916-263-0805

Behind-the-Scenes Public Tours

The Statewide Museum Collections Center is pleased to announce that we have begun offering behind-the-scenes tours of our facility to the public for a nominal fee. For the most up to date details about our tour program, please click on the link below to download a file (.pdf format) with more information.

Public Tour Information
 (revised Feb. 2014)

Contact the Tour Coordinator
Phone: 916-263-0805