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State Park Peace Officer (Ranger)

Great People - Great Parks - Great Careers!

California State Park Rangers are fully sworn Peace Officers who perform a wide variety of law enforcement activities. Duties include interpretation of natural, historic and cultural resources, resource protection, park management, and patrol. Find out if you meet the MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 

Public Safety
bullet Law Enforcement Services
bullet Medical Aid/Emergency Medical Response
bullet Operating / Maintaining Emergency Equipment

Visitor Assistance
bullet Advising visitors of rules and regulations
bullet Providing general park information

Public Education and Interpretation
bullet Community Outreach
bullet Interpretive Programs
bullet Junior Ranger and Lifeguard Program

Park Resource Protection and Management

For more information:

California State Parks
Exam Unit
P.O. Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296-0001
Phone: 916-653-9685

Locate A Recruiter

Standard State Application(Form 678) 
Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire
California State Parks Ranger Scott Liske

OHV Ranger_motorbike

Ranger Cadet
$ 3307 - $ 4442
Range A - $ 3444 - $ 4607
Range B - $ 4100 - $ 5531

Air Patrol in Cockpit

State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) Rangers may perform specialized assignments in cliff rescue; ski patrol; scuba diving; ocean, surf, river, and lake rescue; horse patrol; off-road vehicle and motorcycle patrol; or canine team handler.

All State Park Peace Officers are required to use protective equipment which includes various types of firearms, batons, chemical agents, and handcuffs,and are regularly trained and tested in physical defensive tactics and firearms use. 

Lateral and Transfer Information

Current PC 830.2 California State Peace Officer

A State Civil Service Peace Officer (Under PC830.2: CHP, DFG, etc.) who possesses a POST Basic Certificate can apply for a lateral into an open (advertised) State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) position found in our Career Opportunity Bulletin; however, the priority hire would be to any other SPPO who applies. If no SPPO applies, the position may be filled by a lateral candidate, at the discretion of the park District, pending successful completion of a comprehensive background investigation, psychological and medical evaluations, complete the Field Training Program and attend our 6 - 8 week Park Operations training at our academy.

It is recommended to contact our Personnel Services and/or Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Division at the time you apply for the position, to ensure you provide all of the necessary documentation to
speed the process along.


Current County/City or other Municipal Peace Officer

This includes submitting an application during a Cadet Exam 'open filing period', taking the written exam and physical agility test, followed by oral interview, background investigations, medical/psychological evaluation, and drug screening.  At the time of the Background Investigation, our Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Division will assess a candidate's level of POST Certification to determine which portions of the academy he or she must attend. If the candidate meets Basic POST requirements, he or she may not be required to attend the POST portion of State Parks' Academy, but must attend the Park Operations portion, which is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.  It may be possible for a candidate to begin working in State Park Peace Officer capacity before completing Park Operations, so that they may begin on-the-job training including, but not limited to: Field Training Program, Emergency Medical Response Training, and Firearms Training.

Thank you for your interest in employment with California State Parks.