CEQA Notices

CEQA - the California Environmental Quality Act, is a statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts, if feasible.

A public agency must comply with CEQA when it undertakes an activity defined by CEQA as a "project." A project is an activity undertaken by a public agency or a private activity which must receive some discretionary approval (meaning that the agency has the authority to deny the requested permit or approval) from a government agency which may cause either a direct physical change in the environment or a reasonably foreseeable indirect change in the environment.

Most proposals for physical development in California are subject to the provisions of CEQA, as are many governmental decisions which do not immediately result in physical development (such as adoption of a general or community plan). Every development project which requires a discretionary governmental approval will require at least some environmental review pursuant to CEQA, unless an exemption applies.

The environmental review required imposes both procedural and substantive requirements. At a minimum, an initial review of the project and its environmental effects must be conducted. Depending on the potential effects, a further, and more substantial, review may be conducted in the form of an environmental impact report (EIR). A project may not be approved as submitted if feasible alternatives or mitigation measures are able to substantially lessen the significant environmental effects of the project.

  CEQA Notices for Central California Parks
  CEQA Notices for Northern California Parks
  CEQA Notices for Southern California Parks

California State Parks
Resource Management Division
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Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

For general State Park CEQA information, contact:

Patrica DuMont
Environmental Compliance Supervisor, Resource Services
Northern Service Center
(916) 445-9081

For site specific State Park CEQA information, refer to the contact listed on each notice.

More information about CEQA is also available on the California Resources Agency website and the State Clearinghouse website.

The State Clearinghouse is the official CEQA document posting site.