California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

NOTE: This information is provided for personal research purposes only. The resources listed herein are those that have been designated through one of the four historical resource registration programs managed by the Office of Historic Preservation—it does not contain resources listed automatically or resources formally determined eligible for listing. Additionally, this listing has not been updated or added to since 2008. For these reasons, this information is provided for personal research purposes only. It should not be relied upon for environmental compliance purposes. When doing research related to historical resources for compliance purposes, contact the appropriate California Historical Resources Information System Information Center.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
1953 NATIONAL BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE SITE (P513)       Checkmark 10/14/1977 Newport Beach (Orange)
AINSWORTH, LEWIS, HOUSE (N944) Checkmark       3/13/1981 Orange (Orange)
ANAHEIM LANDING (219)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Seal Beach (Orange)
ARTZ BUILDING (N1862) Checkmark       4/18/1994 Tustin (Orange)
BACKS, FERDINAND, HOUSE (N910) Checkmark       10/14/1980 Anaheim (Orange)
BALBOA INN (N1438) Checkmark       4/11/1986 Newport Beach (Orange)
BALBOA PAVILION (959)   Checkmark     12/15/1983 Balboa (Orange)
BANK OF BALBOA--BANK OF AMERICA (N1448) Checkmark       7/24/1986 Newport Beach (Orange)
BARTLETT BUILDING (P834)       Checkmark 6/22/1999 San Clemente (Orange)
BARTON MOUND (218) Checkmark Checkmark     6/20/1935 Irvine (Orange)
BIRCH PARK (P524)       Checkmark 12/6/1978 Santa Ana (Orange)
BIXBY--BRYANT RANCH HOUSE (N1969) Checkmark       1/16/1997 Yorba Linda (Orange)
BLACK STAR CANYON INDIAN VILLAGE SITE (217)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Silverado (Orange)
BRADFORD, A. S., HOUSE (N676) Checkmark       10/3/1978 Placentia (Orange)
BREA CITY HALL AND PARK (N1287) Checkmark       5/24/1984 Brea (Orange)
BUILDERS EXCHANGE BUILDING (N1096) Checkmark       4/29/1982 Santa Ana (Orange)
CARBONDALE (228)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Silverado (Orange)
CARNEGIE LIBRARY (N825) Checkmark       10/22/1979 Anaheim (Orange)
CASA DE ESPERANZA (N1656) Checkmark       10/1/1990 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
CASA ROMANTICA (N1746) Checkmark       12/27/1991 San Clemente (Orange)
CHAPMAN BUILDING (N1248) Checkmark       9/22/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
CHRIST COLLEGE SITE (N1830) Checkmark       4/16/1993 Irvine (Orange)
CLARK, DR. GEORGE C., HOUSE (N461) Checkmark       12/12/1976 Fullerton (Orange)
CONGDON, JOEL R., HOUSE (N2176) Checkmark       7/22/2002 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
CRYSTAL COVE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N785) Checkmark       6/15/1979 Laguna Beach (Orange)
CULVER, C. Z., HOUSE (N1431) Checkmark       3/20/1986 Orange (Orange)
DANA POINT (189)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Dana Point (Orange)
DIEGO SEPÚLVEDA ADOBE (227)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Costa Mesa (Orange)
DON BERNARDO YORBA RANCHHOUSE SITE (226)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Yorba Linda (Orange)
DR. GEORGE C. CLARK HOME, FULLERTON STATE HERITAGE HOUSE (P483)       Checkmark 9/1/1976 Fullerton (Orange)
DR. HOWE WAFFLE HOUSE (P341)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Santa Ana (Orange)
EASLEY, OSCAR, BLOCK (N1178) Checkmark       2/17/1983 San Clemente (Orange)
EBELL SOCIETY OF SANTA ANA VALLEY (N2135) Checkmark       7/2/2001 Santa Ana (Orange)
ELEPHANT PACKING HOUSE (N1246) Checkmark       9/21/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH (P515)       Checkmark 12/1/1977 Santa Ana (Orange)
ESSLINGER BUILDING (N1555) Checkmark       5/16/1988 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
FAIRVIEW INDIAN SITE (N184) Checkmark       6/27/1972 Costa Mesa (Orange)
FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK OF FULLERTON (N1863) Checkmark       4/19/1994 Fullerton (Orange)
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ORANGE (N1939) Checkmark       3/28/1996 Orange (Orange)
FIRST MACADAMIA TETRAPHYLLA PLANTED IN CALIFORNIA (P589)       Checkmark 3/1/1982 Placentia (Orange)
FLORES PEAK (225)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Modjeska Canyon (Orange)
FORSTER, FRANK A., HOUSE (N1464) Checkmark       9/11/1986 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
FOUNDATION OF RANCHO SAN JOAQUIN ADOBE (P629)       Checkmark 5/31/1984 Irvine (Orange)
FOX FULLERTON THEATRE COMPLEX (N2345) Checkmark       10/25/2006 Fullerton (Orange)
FRANCES PACKING HOUSE (N509) Checkmark       8/2/1977 Irvine (Orange)
FRENCH PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2052) Checkmark       5/12/1999 Santa Ana (Orange)
FULLERTON CITY HALL (N2202) Checkmark       5/22/2003 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (N2122) Checkmark       2/13/2001 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON ODD FELLOWS TEMPLE (N2168) Checkmark       4/26/2002 Fullerton (Orange)
FULLERTON UNION PACIFIC DEPOT (N1252) Checkmark       10/12/1983 Fullerton (Orange)
GOLDSCHMIDT HOUSE (N2270) Checkmark       10/14/2004 San Clemente (Orange)
GREYSTONE VILLA--CABIN 18 (N2161) Checkmark       3/15/2002 Cleveland National Forest (Orange)
HARMON-MCNEIL HOUSE (N1403) Checkmark       11/7/1985 Santa Ana (Orange)
HARRISON HOUSE (N794) Checkmark       8/21/1979 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
HELME--WORTHY STORE AND RESIDENCE (N1493) Checkmark       3/31/1987 Huntington Beach (Orange)
HETEBRINK HOUSE (N1834) Checkmark       7/1/1993 Fullerton (Orange)
HILLCREST PARK (N2256) Checkmark       8/11/2004 Fullerton (Orange)
HOTEL SAN CLEMENTE (N1615) Checkmark       8/31/1989 San Clemente (Orange)
HOWE-WAFFLE HOUSE AND CARRIAGE HOUSE (N483) Checkmark       4/13/1977 Santa Ana (Orange)
HUNTINGTON BEACH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM AND PLUNGE (N1896) Checkmark       12/29/1994 Huntington Beach (Orange)
HUNTINGTON BEACH MUNICIPAL PIER (N1614) Checkmark       8/24/1989 Huntington Beach (Orange)
IRVINE BEAN AND GRAIN GROWERS BUILDING (P753)       Checkmark 8/8/1991 Irvine (Orange)
IRVINE BEAN AND GROWERS ASSOCIATION BUILDING (N1411) Checkmark       1/13/1986 Irvine (Orange)
IRVINE BLACKSMITH SHOP (N1432) Checkmark       3/20/1986 Irvine (Orange)
IRVINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM / RANCHO SAN JOAQUIN HEA (P630)       Checkmark 5/31/1984 Irvine (Orange)
IRVINE PARK (P485) Checkmark     Checkmark 9/1/1976 Orange (Orange)
KEY, GEORGE, RANCH (N351) Checkmark       4/21/1975 Placentia (Orange)
KROGER-MELROSE DISTRICT (N1362) Checkmark       6/19/1985 Anaheim (Orange)
LAGUNA BEACH ART GALLERY, MUSEUM OF ART (P512)       Checkmark 10/14/1977 Laguna Beach (Orange)
LIGHTER-THAN-AIR SHIP HANGARS (N339) Checkmark       4/3/1975 Santa Ana (Orange)
LILY CREAMERY (P516)       Checkmark 12/1/1977 Buena Park (Orange)
LOS RIOS STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1184) Checkmark       4/4/1983 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
LOVELL BEACH HOUSE (N274) Checkmark       2/5/1974 Newport Beach (Orange)
MARIONA (N1275) Checkmark       3/29/1984 Laguna Beach (Orange)
MASONIC TEMPLE (N1904) Checkmark       3/31/1995 Fullerton (Orange)
McFADDEN WHARF (794)   Checkmark     7/3/1964 Newport Beach (Orange)
MELROSE-BACKS NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSES (N1435) Checkmark       4/3/1986 Anaheim (Orange)
MINTER, GEORGE W., HOUSE (N876) Checkmark       6/9/1980 Santa Ana (Orange)
MISSION SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (200)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
MODJESKA HOUSE (N196) Checkmark       12/11/1972 Modjeska (Orange)
MODJESKA'S HOME (205)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 El Toro (Orange)
MONTANEZ ADOBE (N352) Checkmark       4/21/1975 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
MUCKENTHALER HOUSE (N864) Checkmark       5/31/1980 Fullerton (Orange)
NEWLAND HOUSE (P514) Checkmark     Checkmark 12/1/1977 Huntington Beach (Orange)
NORTH GATE OF CITY OF ANAHEIM (112)   Checkmark     3/29/1933 Anaheim (Orange)
ODD FELLOWS HALL (N1222) Checkmark       8/18/1983 Santa Ana (Orange)
OLD BACKS HOUSE (N911) Checkmark       10/14/1980 Anaheim (Orange)
OLD LANDING (198)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Newport Beach (Orange)
OLD MAIZELAND SCHOOL (RIVERA SCHOOL) (729)   Checkmark     4/8/1960 Buena Park (Orange)
OLD SADDLEBACK, OR, SANTIAGO AND MODJESKA MOUNTAIN PEAKS (P179)       Checkmark 7/28/1970 Cle Nf (Orange)
OLD SANTA ANA (204)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Orange (Orange)
OLD TOWNE ORANGE HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1983) Checkmark       7/11/1997 Orange (Orange)
OLINDA (918) Checkmark Checkmark     1/31/1978 Brea (Orange)
OLIVE CIVIC CENTER (N1850) Checkmark       10/7/1993 Orange (Orange)
ORANGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE (N514) Checkmark       8/29/1977 Santa Ana (Orange)
ORANGE COUNTY'S ORIGINAL COURTHOUSE (837)   Checkmark     11/3/1969 Santa Ana (Orange)
ORANGE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL--CENTRAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N1825) Checkmark       4/13/1993 Orange (Orange)
ORANGE UNION HIGH SCHOOL (N347) Checkmark       4/14/1975 Orange (Orange)
PACIFIC ELECTRIC RAILWAY COMPANY DEPOT (N829) Checkmark       10/25/1979 Yorba Linda (Orange)
PACIFIC ELECTRIC SUB-STATION NO. 14 (N1249) Checkmark       9/22/1983 Santa Ana (Orange)
PARKER HOUSE (N1611) Checkmark       8/10/1989 Orange (Orange)
PARRA, MIGUEL, ADOBE (N661) Checkmark       9/11/1978 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
PICKWICK HOTEL (N845) Checkmark       12/31/1979 Anaheim (Orange)
PIEROTTI, ATTLIO AND JANE, HOUSE (N1843) Checkmark       9/2/1993 Fullerton (Orange)
PIONEER HOUSE OF THE MOTHER COLONY (201)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Anaheim (Orange)
PLACENTIA MUTUAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION PACKING HOUSE (P631)       Checkmark 5/31/1984 Placentia (Orange)
PLAZA HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1061) Checkmark       3/19/1982 Orange (Orange)
PLAZA, THE (N728) Checkmark       12/20/1978 Orange (Orange)
PLUMMER, LOUIS, AUDITORIUM (N1847) Checkmark       9/30/1993 Fullerton (Orange)
PORTER--FRENCH HOUSE (N1870) Checkmark       8/5/1994 Orange (Orange)
RANKIN BUILDING (N1179) Checkmark       2/24/1983 Santa Ana (Orange)
RED HILL (203) Checkmark Checkmark     6/20/1935 Santa Ana (Orange)
RICHARD NIXON BIRTHPLACE (1015)   Checkmark     10/1/1994 Yorba Linda (Orange)
SAN CLEMENTE BEACH CLUB (N955) Checkmark       4/9/1981 San Clemente (Orange)
SANTA ANA ARMY AIR BASE SITE (P180)       Checkmark 7/28/1970 Costa Mesa (Orange)
SANTA ANA CITY HALL (N1160) Checkmark       11/10/1982 Santa Ana (Orange)
SANTA ANA FIRE STATION HEADQUARTERS NO. 1 (N1444) Checkmark       7/10/1986 Santa Ana (Orange)
SANTA FE RAILWAY PASSENGER AND FREIGHT DEPOT (N1749) Checkmark       2/5/1992 Fullerton (Orange)
SANTORA BUILDING (P484) Checkmark     Checkmark 9/1/1976 Santa Ana (Orange)
SEAL BEACH CITY HALL (N1216) Checkmark       8/11/1983 Seal Beach (Orange)
SEAL BEACH RED CAR (P663)       Checkmark 8/20/1985 Seal Beach (Orange)
SERRANO ADOBE (199)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 El Toro (Orange)
SERRANO, JOSE, ADOBE (N419) Checkmark       5/24/1976 El Toro (Orange)
SIEVERS ADOBE (P641)       Checkmark 11/16/1984 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
SILVERADO (202)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Silverado (Orange)
SITE OF FIRST WATER-TO-WATER FLIGHT (775)   Checkmark     9/25/1962 Newport Beach (Orange)
SMITH AND CLARK BROTHERS RANCH AND GROUNDS (N1250) Checkmark       9/22/1983 Villa Park (Orange)
SMITH-TUTHILL FUNERAL PARLORS (N605) Checkmark       5/19/1978 Santa Ana (Orange)
SOUTHERN COUNTIES GAS CO. (N1212) Checkmark       7/28/1983 Santa Ana (Orange)
SPURGEON BLOCK (N809) Checkmark       8/31/1979 Santa Ana (Orange)
SPURGEON BUILDING (P487)       Checkmark 10/29/1976 Santa Ana (Orange)
ST. FRANCIS BY-THE-SEA AMERICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (N1572) Checkmark       6/30/1988 Laguna Beach (Orange)
ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH (N1740) Checkmark       10/16/1991 Orange (Orange)
ST. MICHAEL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH (N2226) Checkmark       2/11/2004 Anaheim (Orange)
STANTON, PHILLIP ACKLEY, HOUSE (N927) Checkmark       11/21/1980 Anaheim (Orange)
STEVENS, SHERMAN, HOUSE (N1263) Checkmark       1/5/1984 Tustin (Orange)
TRUXAW-GERVAIS HOUSE (N1146) Checkmark       10/29/1982 Anaheim (Orange)
US POST OFFICE STATION--SPURGEON STATION (N1332) Checkmark       1/11/1985 Santa Ana (Orange)
VILLA PARK SCHOOL (N2199) Checkmark       3/27/2003 Villa Park (Orange)
VIRGINIA (SLOOP) (N1684) Checkmark       4/2/1991 Dana Point (Orange)
WALKERS ORANGE COUNTY THEATER (N1034) Checkmark       2/19/1982 Santa Ana (Orange)
WILLIAMS, ROGER Y., HOUSE (N2354) Checkmark       1/10/2007 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
WRIGHT, GEORGE L., HOUSE (N1162) Checkmark       11/12/1982 Santa Ana (Orange)
YORBA, DOMINGO ADOBE AND CASA MANUEL GARCIA (N1021) Checkmark       2/4/1982 San Juan Capistrano (Orange)
YOST THEATER--RITZ HOTEL (N1418) Checkmark       1/23/1986 Santa Ana (Orange)
YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION--SANTA ANA-TUSTIN CHAPTER (N1818) Checkmark       3/25/1993 Santa Ana (Orange)