California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

NOTE: This information is provided for personal research purposes only. The resources listed herein are those that have been designated through one of the four historical resource registration programs managed by the Office of Historic Preservation—it does not contain resources listed automatically or resources formally determined eligible for listing. Additionally, this listing has not been updated or added to since 2008. For these reasons, this information is provided for personal research purposes only. It should not be relied upon for environmental compliance purposes. When doing research related to historical resources for compliance purposes, contact the appropriate California Historical Resources Information System Information Center.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
ALTAVILLE (288)   Checkmark     2/4/1938 Altaville (Calaveras)
ALTAVILLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL (N795) Checkmark       8/24/1979 Altaville (Calaveras)
ANGELS CAMP (287)   Checkmark     2/4/1938 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
ANGELS HOTEL (734) Checkmark Checkmark     4/8/1960 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
AVERY HOTEL-HALFWAY HOUSE (P602)       Checkmark 12/31/1982 Avery (Calaveras)
BIRTHPLACE OF ARCHIE STEVENOT (769)   Checkmark     12/1/1961 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CALAVERAS COUNTY BANK (N1366) Checkmark       8/1/1985 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CALAVERAS COUNTY COURTHOUSE (N159) Checkmark       2/28/1972 San Andreas (Calaveras)
CALAVERITAS (255)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
CAMANCHE (254)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Burson (Calaveras)
CAMPO SECO (257)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Campo Seco (Calaveras)
CARSON HILL (274)   Checkmark     10/6/1937 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CHILI GULCH (265)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
CHOY, SAM, BRICK STORE (N1309) Checkmark       9/20/1984 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (261)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
COPPEROPOLIS (296)   Checkmark     9/19/1938 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
COPPEROPOLIS ARMORY (N1999) Checkmark       12/30/1997 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
COPPEROPOLIS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (N2000) Checkmark       12/30/1997 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
COURTHOUSE OF CALAVERAS COUNTY, 1852-1866, AND LEGER HOTEL (663)   Checkmark     11/5/1958 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
DORRINGTON HOTEL AND RESTAURANT (P787)       Checkmark 8/16/1993 Dorrington (Calaveras)
DOUBLE SPRINGS (264)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Valley Springs (Calaveras)
DOUGLAS FLAT (272)   Checkmark     10/6/1937 Douglas Flat (Calaveras)
DOUGLAS FLAT SCHOOL (N237) Checkmark       5/24/1973 Douglas Flat (Calaveras)
EL DORADO (282)   Checkmark     1/8/1938 Mountain Ranch (Calaveras)
FOURTH CROSSING (258)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
GLENCOE (MOSQUITO GULCH) (280)   Checkmark     1/8/1938 Glencoe (Calaveras)
HONIGSBERGER STORE (N1762) Checkmark       4/2/1992 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
I.O.O.F. HALL, MOKELUMNE HILL (256)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Mokelumne (Calaveras)
JENNY LIND (266)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Valley Springs (Calaveras)
JESUS MARIA (284)   Checkmark     1/8/1938 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
MERCER CAVERNS (THE NEW CALAVERAS CAVE) (P662)       Checkmark 8/20/1985 Murphys (Calaveras)
MILTON (262)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Milton (Calaveras)
MITCHLER HOTEL (267)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Murphys (Calaveras)
MOKELUMNE HILL (269)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
MURPHYS (275)   Checkmark     10/6/1937 Murphys (Calaveras)
MURPHYS GRAMMAR SCHOOL (P44) Checkmark     Checkmark 9/22/1967 Murphys (Calaveras)
MURPHYS HOTEL (N139) Checkmark       11/23/1971 Murphys (Calaveras)
O'BYRNE FERRY (281)   Checkmark     1/8/1938 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
OLD MINING CAMP OF BROWNSVILLE (465)   Checkmark     8/30/1950 Murphys (Calaveras)
PALOMA (295)   Checkmark     9/19/1938 Mokelumne Hill (Calaveras)
PETER L. TRAVER BUILDING (466)   Checkmark     8/30/1950 Murphys (Calaveras)
PIONEER CEMETERY (271)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
PRINCE-GARIBARDI BUILDING (735)   Checkmark     4/8/1960 Altaville (Calaveras)
RAIL ROAD FLAT (286)   Checkmark     1/8/1938 Rail Road Flat (Calaveras)
RED BRICK GRAMMAR SCHOOL (499)   Checkmark     12/4/1951 Altaville (Calaveras)
REED'S STORE (N1763) Checkmark       4/2/1992 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
ROBINSON'S FERRY (276)   Checkmark     10/6/1937 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
SAN ANDREAS (252)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 San Andreas (Calaveras)
SANDY GULCH (253)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 West Point (Calaveras)
STONE CORRAL (263)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Valley Springs (Calaveras)
SYNDER, JOHN J., HOUSE (N1298) Checkmark       8/2/1984 San Andreas (Calaveras)
TELEGRAPH CITY SITE, NAPOLEON AND QUAIL HILL MINES (P1)       Checkmark 7/28/1966 Copperopolis (Calaveras)
THORN HOUSE (N151) Checkmark       2/23/1972 San Andreas (Calaveras)
UTICA MANSION (N1290) Checkmark       5/31/1984 Angels Camp (Calaveras)
VALLECITO (273)   Checkmark     10/6/1937 Vallecito (Calaveras)
VALLECITO BELL MONUMENT (370)   Checkmark     4/3/1940 Vallecito (Calaveras)
VALLEY SPRINGS (251)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 Valley Springs (Calaveras)
WEST POINT (268)   Checkmark     9/3/1937 West Point (Calaveras)