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State Parks Announces Recommendations for $8.4 Million in Local Projects


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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today, California State Parks Director, Lisa Ann L. Mangat announced competitive project recommendations for $8.4 million in funding for nine local non-motorized trail projects under the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Recreational Trails Program (RTP). 

The federal Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Authorization provides funding for the RTP.  Eligible applicants include cities, counties, districts, state agencies, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations with management responsibilities of public lands.

Eligible non-motorized projects include acquisition of easements and fee simple title to property for recreational trails and recreational trail corridors; and, development, or rehabilitation of trails, trailside, and trailhead facilities.  The program requires a 12% match.

FHWA must approve project recommendations before California State Parks can execute grant contracts.  Prior to forwarding these projects to FHWA, each must comply with the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966 (Section 106), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and be listed on the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

The list of recommended non-motorized RTP projects is:

Eureka Waterfront Trail Project - Phase C                                                                        $500,000

  City of Eureka

  Construct approximately 3,200 linear feet of new paved trail with trail bridge/drainage

  crossings and minor improvements from Tydd Street to a new trailhead at Front Street and

  new trailheads at X Street and Y Street for the Waterfront Trail Project in the City of Eureka.

Tracks at Brea Trail Segment 4                                                                                        $1,287,000

  City of Brea

  Construct a new trail approximately 2,400 linear feet to complete 4 mile long trail in the City of   Brea.

Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway: Hirschdale to Floriston                                                      $2,017,200

Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District

Construct approximately 3.1 miles of new natural trail including retaining walls and a         cantilevered catwalk in two phases along the Truckee River from Hirschdale to Floriston in Nevada County.

S.F. Bay Trail - Pinole Shores to Bay Front Park                                                         $1,311,686

East Bay Regional Park District

Construct approximately 0.5 miles of new trail, including installation of a bridge over railroad tracks to continue the non-motorized Class I San Francisco Bay Trail in the City of Pinole.

Scotts Flat Lake Trail, Phase II                                                                                            $468,000

  Forest Trails Alliance

  Construct approximately 13.7 miles of new natural and gravel trail system including 2 miles   of   wider improved ADA trail and new timber bridges at the Scotts Flat Lake Recreation Area in   Nevada County.

San Sevaine Trail, Segment 2                                                                                           $2,467,897

  City of Fontana

  Construct an approximately 1.25-mile-long new paved multi-use trail with trailside amenities

  along the San Sevaine Channel between the Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail and Banyan   Street in the Cities of Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga.

 Dunlap Recreational Trail                                                                                                    $130,955

  City of Yucaipa

Along the Dunlap Channel in the City of Yucaipa, construct a trailhead, approximately 2,760-feet of new multi-use trail and support amenities. 

City Heights Canyon Loop Trails Project                                                                         $209,252

  San Diego Canyonlands

  Create new trails in four canyons totaling approximately 3,790 linear feet with landscape and   signage in the City of San Diego.

Arcata Ridge Trail Phase III - Fickle Hill Segment                                                             $17,778

  City of Arcata

For the Arcata Community Forest in Humboldt County, construct approximately 1,600 feet of   new graveled trail, including conversion of 300 feet of logging road to trail, with a bridge and minor improvements

Overall Total recommended Regional Trails Projects: $8,409,768

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