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California State Parks Special Interest License Plate Art Contest

Thank you for your interest in the design contest for art work to be used for the California State Parks Special Interest License Plate, “Parks Plate”. We are pleased to announce the winner of the contest: Wyn Ericson of Napa California. Congratulations Wyn!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, we appreciate your support!

Artwork designs were ranked by a team consisting of several outside partners with established interests in preserving California Redwoods: Save the Redwoods League and the Sempervirens, State Park specialists from the Natural Resource Division, Interpretation and Education Division, and a member of the Natural Resource Agency Executive staff.

The criteria used to determine the winning design was the creativity, inspiration, reproducibility, legibility of the lettering and numbering on the plate, and uniqueness demonstrated that best captures a California Redwood tree for use as a Special Interest License Plate.

California State Parks will soon begin the process of gathering 7,500 paid applications that will enable the Department of Motor Vehicles to begin production of the parks plate. Collection of the 7,500 paid applications can take up to a year or more. Proceeds from the sale of the California State Parks License Plate will help support Restoration and Preservation of our State’s 279 State Parks.

Check the State Park website in the upcoming months to find out more about the California State Parks Special Interest License Plate and when you will be able to order your “Parks Plate”.

Thank you for supporting California State Parks!

Here is the art work submitted for the contest that met the contest criteria.