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California Indian Heritage Center

As the Sacramento region is central to the present and future of all Californians, so is the California Indian Heritage Center to the traditions, present and future, of all original people of this land.   
- Jack Norton  (Hupa/Cherokee)

The 51-acre California Indian Heritage Center (CIHC) site—at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers in West Sacramento—is at the center of the thriving urban State Capitol region. In June 2019, the City of West Sacramento completed the transfer of its 43-acre parcel to California State Parks to realize the long-desired build out of the CIHC. The site’s design and development began in earnest with the commitment in the Governor’s 2018-2019 budget to invest $100 million in state funds. A campaign is underway to raise a matching donation of $100 million for the phased buildout.

Once complete, the CIHC will draw visitors from across California, the nation, and the world to this center of statewide significance for cultural preservation, learning and exchange, land stewardship based on Native American values, and a place to engage all visitors in celebrating the living cultures of California tribe communities.

CIHC Project Information!

For CIHC Project updates and information on upcoming events please visit the project website or email

California Indian Heritage Center


LOCATION: West Sacramento (Yolo County) at Marina Way, West Sacramento 

CIHC Project Plan

This project will develop the CIHC at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers in West Sacramento (Yolo County). The project constitutes a decades-long collaboration and demonstrates the state’s commitment to and responsibility for partnering with California Native American tribal governments and communities along with allied individuals and institutions to develop the site.

The proposed project will include approximately 120,000 square feet of building space accommodating a wide range of programmatic areas, including but not limited to:

  • Entry/Orientation center
  • Library, Display, and Interpretive Exhibits
  • Collection Storage
  • Space for Public Art
  • Community Forums
  • Outdoor Plaza
  • Exhibition and Educational Facilities
  • Outdoor Venues
  • Interpretative/ Educational Trail Connections to the Sacramento river

California State Parks engagement with tribal communities and other stakeholders will ensure the final program scope reflects shared values and priorities achieved through a collaborative process.

CIHC Project Information:
For CIHC project information, please visit