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This competitive grant program creates new parks and new recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California.

December 2023 Update:

An additional $41.9 million, provided through the 2023/2024 State Budget, was awarded to unfunded Round 4 Statewide Park Program (SPP) applications. Please see the official press release for the list of SPP projects that were funded throughout California. 


Round 5 is postponed

  • Round 5 applications will not be due in 2023. More information about a Round 5 timeline will be posted here once available. Please sign up for email updates to be notified when more information is available. 

SPP Park Showcase Videos

Parks California has created six inspiring videos showcasing the impacts that the Statewide Park Program has had on communities across California. 


SPP Final Application Guide Thumbnail

Final Application Guide:
Application Guide (December 1, 2022)
Use this guide to plan and submit the grant application.  The SPP Team is committed to give technical assistance.  Contact information is below.



Application Guide Updates


Grant Administration Guide_Competitive Grant Programs September 2020Administration Guide:
Administration Guide (September 2020)
The Administration Guide will be used for grant projects that are selected for funding when grant awards are announced.  It includes a sample grant agreement, the payment process, and accounting/record keeping requirements.


Technical Assistance Documents

For technical assistance, applicants are encouraged to send questions to the “Competitive Grant Application/Pre-Award” Project Officer based on the county where the project is located.  Please use this link:  List of Competitive Application Project Officers by County

  • This competitive program has had four rounds of funding to create new parks and new recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California.  Between all four rounds of funding:
    • $7.69 billion requested – 1,827 project applications
    • $1.16 billion in grants – 299 grant projects
      • 179 New Parks
      • 120 expansions/renovations of existing parks
  • Assembly Bill 31, which created the SPP, was signed into law on September 30, 2008.  SPP statute is found in Public Resources Code §§5640 through 5653.  Funding for the grant program was first made available through the Proposition 84 (2006 Bond Act) Sustainable Communities and Climate Change Reduction chapter (Public Resources Code § 75065 (b) (1-5).  Proposition 68 (2018 Bond Act) continues this program’s legacy.
  • Round 4 Highlights
    • $2.42 billion in requests - 468 project applications
    • $548.3 million in grants – 112 grant projects (50 new parks and 62 expansions/renovations of existing parks)

In the photo gallery, filter by “Prop. 68 SPP" to view all 174 grant projects between Rounds 3 and 4! The gallery can be found