mountainparks.orgMountain Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in 1973 as one of the first three California State Park Cooperating Associations. It has been recognized as a model organization for its professional board members, talented staff and dedicated volunteers, all of whom work in partnership with California State Parks to provide funding for multi-faceted visitor enrichment and education programs.

Mountain Parks Foundation supports the nature education and enrichment programs offered at Henry Cowell and Big Basin Redwoods State Parks. We believe an informed public will ensure the preservation of the natural habitats and cultural history of our California State Parks.

Interpretive and educational programs funded by Mountain Parks Foundation serve more than 1.5 million park visitors annually, including more than 200 student classes who participate in on-site curriculum-based educational programs.

Mountain Parks Foundation provides funding for:

  • visitor and nature centers
  • nature and cultural history events
  • professional interpretive staff
  • supplies and resources used by the parks’ more than 200 dedicated volunteers and docents
  • trail signs, information panels, books, guides, maps and materials that inform and broaden visitors’ park experiences
  • facilities, services, special programming and other activities

Our revenues come from retail sales, individual donors, business sponsorships and grants.

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thatsmypark.orgEstablished in 1976, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks (Friends) is a vital partner with California State Parks, creatively working to ensure our cherished local parks and beaches are thriving and available to all. Friends’ innovative and collaborative community partnership provides support and investment for education, equity and inclusion, conservation, facilities improvements, historic preservation and cultural events.

In the aftermath of the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, through their unique position as a co-management partner with State Parks, Friends established the Friends Fire Fund. People from around the globe responded with incredible generosity to support the Fire Fund. Immediately after the fire, the fund provided direct, immediate assistance for the staff most affected by the fire. Since the fall of 2020, Friends has been supporting the long-term recovery work for the state parks impacted by this fire. In the summer of 2022, Friends is operating the Big Basin Day-Use Reservation System, partnering with State Parks to welcome the public back to Big Basin Redwoods State Park for the first time in nearly two years.

Friends also operates a robust online ParkStore offering nature- and history-themed merchandise for sale to benefit local parks and beaches, as well as ParkStore locations at Natural Bridges, New Brighton, Santa Cruz Mission, Seacliff and Wilder Ranch. Learn more at or via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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