Junior Rangers

Are you between 7 and 12 years old, and ready to learn and have fun in your California State Parks?  Then become a Junior Ranger! Play games, hike trails, create your own animal, discover tracks, and observe wildlife in some of the best places in California. 

Saddleback Butte State Park offers a self-guided Junior Ranger Adventure Guide, which you can pick up in the visitor center (see hours), or download here and print before you arrive. A state-wide Junior Ranger Adventure Guide is also available in English and Spanish, which can be used at any California State Park. Show your completed booklet to park staff, and you can collect your Junior Ranger badge!
You will also get a Logbook with a stamp in it for guided Junior Ranger programs (to find out which parks offer Junior Ranger programs, check here or visit the state parks Upcoming Events webpage, where programs are listed for many parks). For each program, you will earn a stamp in your logbook and earn some very cool rewards!

Junior Ranger badge

Take A Hike!

Download our Take A Hike handout (formatted for legal size paper), and go exploring in the six California State Parks of the Western Mojave Desert to become an official Mojave Desert Explorer!

Complete them in any order, and take as long as you’d like. For each park, go on the short hikes suggested or you can go on a longer one there if you wish!

When finished, mail the form to: Mojave Desert Explorer, 15701 East Avenue M, Lancaster, CA 93535 to receive your official Mojave Desert Explorer Certificate!

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