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Dogs allowed on specified beaches: Marshall Gulch, Carmet Beach, Schoolhouse Beach, Portuguese Beach, Duncan's Cover, Wright's Beach, Furlong Gulch, Shell Beach, Blind Beach, Russian Gulch. Dogs not allowed in Pomo Canyon and Willow Creek environmental campgrounds.
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Trailer: 31 Feet
Camper/Motorhome: 31 Feet
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Several beaches are located between Jenner and Bodega Bay on Highway 1. The Salmon Creek Ranger Station located halfway between the South Salmon beach parking lot and the North Salmon beach parking lot off of Highway 1.

No Drones Allowed in Park

  • The noise and sight of drones can alter other people’s enjoyment of nature.
  • A drone hovering nearby can feel intrusive and threatening.
  • Drones can capture photographs and video without someone’s permission.
  • Drones mimic the behavior of predatory birds and can frighten wildlife.

For these reasons State Park units in the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast District do not allow launching, landing or the operation of drones on State Park property.

General Information:

Day Use areas are open to the public.  Bathrooms are available at most locations.  Please be prepared to pack it in and pack it out in some locations.

Long sandy beaches below rugged headlands, a craggy coastline with natural arches and secluded coves are features that make Sonoma Coast State Park one of California's most scenic attractions.

While the north coast weather can be foggy in the summer, it usually burns off by midday and the cool ocean breezes make the Sonoma Coast a haven for visitors seeking to escape the inland heat.

The Sonoma Coast is comprised of several beaches separated by rock bluffs and headlands.  Sonoma Coast SP spans 17 miles from Bodega Head to Vista Trail which is located approximately 4 miles north of Jenner. Beachcombers, fishermen, sunbathers and picnickers can access the beach from more than a dozen points along coast Highway 1.  The Salmon Creek Ranger Station is located on Highway 1 midway between the South Salmon beach parking lot off of Bean Avenue and the North Salmon Beach parking lot.

Seasons/Climate/Recommended clothing
The weather can be variable and layered clothing is recommended. We suggest having a fully charged cell phone available for use in case of an emergency while visiting our parks. 

Facilities - Activities

Bodega Head is the rocky headland that forms the entrance into Bodega Harbor. The harbor side provides a popular crabbing area along the jetty and the many hiking trails on the ocean side allow access to small, sandy coves and spectacular scenic views. The high cliffs offer excellent vantage points for observing migrating gray whales.

Aerial photos of Bodega Head

Goat Rock
, near the mouth of the Russian River, is known for its scenic shoreline and easily accessible sandy beach. Picnic tables and restroom facilities are also available. Goat Rock beach is home to a colony of harbor seals which are fun to watch, but please stay at least 50 yards from the seals, especially during pupping season (March - August.) Due to the protected status of the seals, DOGS are NOT allowed on Goat Rock Beach.  Dog are allowed on Blind Beach which is off the south parking lot at Goat Rock.  Dogs must remain on leash.  Goat Rock is part of the Russian River State Marine Conservation Area (SMRCA) and fishing is not allowed from the north side of the south parking lot to Muniz Ranch. Periodically the Goat Rock gate closes to vehicle traffic during day use hours when dangerous ocean conditions prevail.  When this happens, the conditions are monitored throughout the day and the parking lots reopen if/when conditions allow.  When the road is closed under these circumstances, visitors are still allowed to walk in.  Please be mindful of the dangerous water conditions that could jeopardize your safety.  Never turn your back to the ocean.  Always stay well above the highest water marks in the sand.  Try to have someone with you or at least let someone know where you will be.

Aerial photos of Goat Rock

Shell Beach
is a favorite location for beachcombing and tide pooling. It is used by schools as an outdoor classroom for the study of tidal pool marine life and enjoys a reputation as a prime fishing spot.

Duncan's Landing is famous for two things: as an early-day landing for loading small coastal ships with lumber and food products and for being the most dangerous point along the Sonoma Coast due to large and unpredictable surf. Heed the signs and stay off the rocks. The waves have come up to the parking lot and people have been swept off the rocks. In the spring the wildflower displays are spectacular. 

Aerial photos of Duncan's Landing

Portuguese Beach & Schoolhouse Beach
are beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by rocky headlands. Rock fishing and surf fishing are popular in these locations.

Aerial photos of Portuguese Beach
Aerial photos of Schoolhouse Beach

Salmon Creek Beach
, where a lagoon forms as sand closes the mouth of Salmon Creek, is a popular summer destination. Nearly two miles of unbroken, scenic, sandy beach make this an excellent place for surf fishing, beachcombing, and picnicking. North and South Salmon beaches are popular with the local surfing community when the waves are good. No dogs, horses or fires are allowed on north or south Salmon Creek Beaches due to the Federal protection of the snowy plovers. The Western Snowy Plover is listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act as a threatened species. Loss of nesting habitat is due to human development, invasion of European beach grass and predation by ravens, foxes, domestic horses, dogs and cats.

Aerial photos of Salmon Creek Beach

Take care when visiting the beach
Like most north coast beaches, Sonoma Coast is NOT FOR SWIMMING. Strong rip currents, heavy surf and sudden ground swells make surf play dangerous. A small staff of well-trained lifeguards are usually on duty during the peak season, however with so much coastline to cover, they may not be immediately available.

It is especially important to keep children back from the highest water-line mark and never turn your back to the ocean. Many rescues and recoveries are made each year. Also, be careful of the bluffs and rocks. The shale formations are unstable and unsafe for climbing, so stay on the trails and heed warning signs.

Camping and Day Use Information:


Call ReserveCalifornia for a reservation 48 hours to 6 months in advance at 1-800-444-PARK. Within 48 hours, all reservations are closed and you must arrive at the park in person for first come, first serve camping; no holds, no exceptions.  Available sites will be sold at the kiosk on a first come first serve basis starting at 12 noon.

Wright's Beach offers 27 developed campsites located adjacent to the beach. There are no showers, but registered campers may use the token operated hot showers at Bodega Dunes Campground which is approximately 5 miles south. Additionally, Bodega Dunes has a potable water fill station and a dump station that service both campgrounds.  There are no potable water filling areas at Wright's Beach.  Do not use spigots for your filling needs.  Fill up your water tanks at Bodega Dunes prior to you arrival.  Maximum trailer length is 27' and hook-ups are not available. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring and a paved parking spur. Running water and flush toilets are available in the bathrooms. Max occupancy is 8 people.  All vehicles MUST stay on paved parking spurs.  Any vehicles that do not fit may be taken to the overflow parking lot in the day use area.  Wright's Beach does not offer group camping.  When the campground is full, the overflow area on either side of the kiosk may be used for self-contained vehicles on a first come, first served basis.  Reservations are recommended, especially on the weekends, holidays and during the peak season.

Aerial photos of Wright's Beach & Campground

Bodega Dunes- Leashed dogs allowed in campground - No dogs allowed on dunes or beaches - No group camping available - RV Filling/Dump station is OPEN

Bodega Dunes Boardwalk/Easy access ramp is CLOSED due to storm damage

Bodega Dunes Day Use opens at 8am and closes at sunset.  The day use fee is $8.00 per vehicle

Call ReserveCalifornia for camping reservations 48 hours to 6 months in advance.  1-800-444-PARK  In our peak season there are 99 campsites available.  We offer token operated hot showers, flush toilets, and a potable water filling station. Tokens for showers are available from the kiosk when it is open.  The filling station serves both Wright's Beach and Bodega Dunes.  Maximum trailer length is 31' and hook-ups are not available.  Maximum occupancy is 8 people per campsite.  All vehicles must park on the paved parking pads.  Any vehicles that do not fit on the paved parking pad may be taken to the overflow parking lot.  Bodega Dunes does not offer group camping. 

The day use area includes a boardwalk that overlooks a classic sandy beach. Horses and their riders are allowed only to the south of the day use ramp.  No dogs, fires or camping are allowed anywhere on the beach as a measure to protect the snowy plovers. The Western Snowy Plover is listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act as a threatened species.  Loss of nesting habitat is due to human development, horses, invasion of European beach grass and predation by ravens, foxes, domestic dogs and cats.  **Many of the campsites at Bodega Dunes have been renumbered, please verify the correct campsite number before registering.

Hiker/Biker site at Bodega Dunes Campground

A communal site is available for on foot hikers and bikers at Bodega Dunes campground.  The cost is $5.00 per person, per night.  The site is located between sites 17 and 18.  There is a fire ring, picnic table and food locker for communal use at this hike and bike site.  This site is for the exclusive use of hikers and bikers that are not associated with any vehicle.  Tokens for the showers are available when the kiosk is staffed.  The token machine also accepts dollar bills.  Most hiker/bikers camp for one night.  Max stay is two nights and then campers must vacate the campsite.

Willow Creek Environmental Camp- No dogs on entrance road or in campground.  No group camping available.  No horses. CURRENTLY CLOSED and will reopen in the Spring.               

When open, Willow Creek Campground offers 11 first-come first-served primitive campsites. There are fire rings, picnic tables, and pit toilets available. All of the walk in campsites are within 1/4 mile from the parking lot and there is no running water. This is the only state park campground located near the Russian River. The sites are mostly shaded by willows and are relatively close to a large beach for swimming and fishing. Blue heron, egrets, osprey, and occasionally river otters can be seen by the river. To protect the wildlife, no dogs are allowedThese sites are not on the reservation system and are first-come, first-served only. Please only camp in the designated campsites.  Camping outside of these designated campsites may result in a citation and ejection from the campground. You must self-register prior to occupying a campsite. There is no credit card payment capability.  Pay fees with cash or check. Willow Creek Campground is a dry campground which means there is no water available. Please pack in/pack out all trash.

Pomo Canyon Environmental Camp No dogs on road, trails, or in campground.  No group camping available. No horses.                                                                                                           

Pomo Canyon Campground offers 21 first-come / first-served primitive campsites; these campsites are not on the reservation system. There are fire rings, picnic tables, and porta-potty toilets available. All of the walk-in campsites are within 1/4 mile from the parking lot. There is no running water. The campsites are shaded and located in a second growth redwood forest. To protect the wildlife, no dogs are allowed in the campground. Please camp in the designated campsites only. There is no camping allowed in the parking area. Camping outside of the designated campsites may result in a citation and ejection from the campground. You must self-register/pay prior to occupying a campsite. There is no credit card payment capability. Fees are payable using cash or personal check. Pomo Canyon Campground is a dry campground which means there is no water available. Please pack in/pack out all trash as there is no garbage service in this area.

Juvenile Camping Info:

Juvenile Camping

A parent or guardian must accompany youths under 18 years of age. The Supervising Ranger may approve the stay of a juvenile that presents written consent from their parent or guardian that states the dates of the authorized stay and the park name.  Additionally, a verifiable contact number for the parent or guardian must be provided as well as medical consent in the event of an emergency.  If staff is unable to make contact with a parent or guardian, the juvenile will not be allowed to stay in the campground.


Equestrian riders can access the Bodega Dunes trail system through the back side of Bodega Dunes campground via Bay Flat road.  Horses are allowed on the beach south of the large, cement Bodega Dunes day use ramp.  Horses and their riders are not allowed north of the day use ramp on the beach or north of the paved day use road/lot.  Horses and their riders are allowed to be in the dunes south of the Bodega Dunes Day Use paved roadway.  Dogs are not permitted in the dunes or on the beach.    

Special Events in Parks

Special Events are activities which are beyond the normal scope of activities and operations conducted in units under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Consistent with existing state policies and laws. District Superintendents may approve, by permit, a Special Event when it is found to be in the best interest of the Department of Parks and Recreation and is conducted by an appropriate sponsor at no net expense to the state.  Special Event permits are required when fees are charged by the event sponsor beyond the regular State Park Facility Use Fees, when the Department has determined the event will create a greater potential hazard or liability to the State than incurred through typical operations, when the activity includes the exclusive use of an area within the park, when the activity interferes significantly with the public’s use of an area, when additional staffing or staff time is required or where items or services are sold.  Special Event permits are required for any activity within the State Park System which meet any of these criteria, and which occur wholly or partially within or on any property owned, operated, or administered by the Department.  Upon a finding by the District Superintendent that a special event is consistent with the unit’s use, he/she may issue a Special Event Permit for such use.   

Examples of when a special event permit is needed:

  • Bay Area Tours bringing in a passenger van into front lot and dropping off their group
  • Alliance Redwoods dropping off two bus loads of kids with leaders to explore the park for the day
  • A group of old car enthusiasts bringing into the park their roadsters for show
  • A group of 50 wanting to set up for a wedding or birthday party which is in the day use area
  • A  local running group of 30 coming in to run the trails of the park 

If you have any questions pertaining to special events or if you are curious if your get together would need a special event permit, please email