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Very few land forms exposed due to flooding.

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Franks Tract State Recreation Area is only accessible by water and is located southeast of Brannan Island between False River and Bethel Island. Franks Tract Flooded in 1936 and again in 1938. Very few land forms remain exposed, with the exception of remnant levees.

During the fall and winter, a large variety of waterfowl can be found in Franks Tract. The Delta holds a key position in the Pacific flyway. Year round residents include gulls, great blue herons, terns, swallows, crows, blackbirds, cormorants and kingfishers.

Due to the limited access, exposure to strong winds and shallow fluctuating water levels, recreational use is by anglers and waterfowl hunters.

The tract is becoming a popular flyfishing destination for anglers wishing to catch Striped Bass on a fly rod.

Waterfowl hunting is allowed on part of the open water, subject to Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. All arrangements are made in advance through the Diablo Range District Office.

For more information please contact Ryen Goering at or (925) 455-7876.

Habitat Enhancement Plan

As part of an on-going planning process, a habitat enhancement plan is being created for Franks Tract.  For more information on this plan, please visit