Capitol Dome

The Capital District State Museums and Historic Parks encompasses seven State Historic Parks and Museums located within the Downtown and Midtown areas of California’s Capital City—Sacramento.  Collectively these facilities preserve and interpret the heritage of California’s Capital City, and illuminate the many forces that have shaped Sacramento and the Golden State.

For more information about each of these facilities, including upcoming special events and exhibits, please scroll down to the various links below:

California State Capitol MuseumCalifornia State Capitol Museum
Home of the California Legislature since 1869,  the State Capitol underwent a major renovation that restored much of the building's original look.  The building features exhibits and tours - and possibly an opportunity to watch the legislators debate a bill or cast a vote. Visit the California State Capitol Museum website.

California State Railroad MuseumCalifornia State Railroad Museum
The California State Railroad Museum houses on of the finest collections of historic railroad engines in the world.  Tour a swaying Pullman sleeping car. Board a million-pound steam locomotive. Visit North America’s most popular railroad museum where our exhibits showcase how railroads and their diverse workforce have shaped our lives and culture. Visit the California State Railroad Museum


Governors Mansion State Historic ParkGovernor's Mansion State Historic Park
The regal Victorian mansion, home to 13 of California’s governors from 1903 to 1967, is filled with historic furnishings, fourteen-foot ceilings, chandeliers, Persian carpets and Italian marble fireplaces. Mansion guides tell stories of California’s governors and their families. Visit the Governor's Mansion SHP website.

Leland Stanford Mansion SHPLeland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
After a 14-year, $20 million restoration and renovation, the Stanford Mansion is now open to the public. It also serves the citizens of California as the state's official reception center for leaders from around the world. The Leland Stanford Mansion is a stunning example of the splendor and elegance of the Victorian era in California. Visit the Leland Stanford Mansion SHP website.

Old Sacramento State Historic ParkOld Sacramento State Historic Park
A cluster of noteworthy, early Gold Rush commercial structures located within the Old Sacramento Historic District. Included are the 1849 Eagle Theater; the 1853 B. F. Hastings Building, once home to the California Supreme Court and western terminus of the Pony Express; and the 1855 Big Four Building, which today houses the Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store and the California State Railroad Museum Library. Visit the Old Sacramento SHP website.

Sutter's Fort State Historic ParkSutter's Fort State Historic Park
From 1839 to 1849, Sutter’s Fort was the economic center of the first permanent European colonial settlement in the Central Valley. During that time, the Fort catalyzed patterns of change across California. No one felt those changes more acutely than the diverse Native peoples who helped build the Fort, and whose exploited labor made its many industries possible. Self-guided tours take visitors through an orientation exhibit as well as several recreated historic rooms. Visit the Sutter's Fort SHP website.


California Indian BasketState Indian Museum
The State Indian Museum, opened in 1940, depicts three major themes of California Indian life: Nature, Spirit, and Family. Cultural items on display include traditional baskets, a redwood dugout canoe, ceremonial regalia, beadwork, and hunting & fishing tools.  There is also a hands-on area where visitors learn to use the pump drill to make holes in shells for beads and the mortar & pestle to grind acorns.
Visit the State Indian Museum website.     Learn about the CIHC.

Woodland Opera HouseWoodland Opera House
Built in 1885, the original Opera House burned down in the 1892.  It was rebuilt on the same site, using some of the remaining foundations and bricks from the walls, reopening in 1896. It became the stopping place for such performers a Nance O' Neil and Harry Davenport. The great Polish actress Madame Helen Modjeska and John Philip Sousa were some of those who preformed on its stage.
View the Woodland Opera House website.